Attention Marketers: Why you need SparkToro Yesterday

My 30 second review of a forward thinking online marketing tool like no other.

If you are on the fence about SparkToro, jump in now.

So what is SparkToro?

In Rand Fishkin’ own words: 

Sparktoro crawls billions of websites and social accounts, aggregates those into distinct profiles then puts the power to search it all at your fingertips.”

So I took it for a spin.

I didn’t delve too deep into this tool on purpose, as I believe that if there’s genuine value I should be able to see it right away. 

I tried out the free version and did a search for something that I know NOTHING about: ’welders’. 

And within mere seconds I had access to hundreds of top websites, social media accounts, podcasts and youtube channels all of which are considered to be the most popular to this audience. I could easily reach out to all of them for link building, content sharing, social media shares, podcast appearance opportunities etc etc etc.. in fact with this list alone I am able to put together an actionable SEO outreach strategy

And with the “Hidden Gems Social Accounts” option I could dig even deeper to find accounts that may not be mainstream right but have good social engagement and following.

In addition to that ‘Audience Insights’ showed the primary key phrases used for this audience along with hashtags and location, it also showed most active networks. (NICE)

The three things that stood out to me after my test run were: 

1) Accuracy: Expect accurate information on a host of websites and online properties where your audiences actually live.

2) Scope: The software covers more than just websites but also social media accounts, podcasts and youtube channels. (I would image that this will be expanded as time goes on?)

3) Ease of use: It’s as good as the Facebook audience tool for Facebook Ads, but much easier to use and for the”whole internet”.

In short Sparktoro did not disappoint. The possibilities for this tool are endless and I’ll post more insights and reviews on it in the future.

Honestly, I don’t think there is better stand alone tool out there for what is required to succeed in digital marketing in 2020.

And if the past is any indication of the future Rand Fishkins’ creation will likely prove to be wildly successful in the digital marketing space. 

Congratulations Rand Fishkin another home run.

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