SEO Work

The below projects represent a cross-section of my SEO work over the years. Ecommerce, reputation management and stand alone websites.


The business owners wanted to target customers searching for specific high revenue, brand-centric products specifically ‘American Acrylic’, ‘Steam planet’ and ‘Sauna bathtubs’.


Keyword research:

Researched key-phrases using Raven tools


Created new brand pages with focus on targeted key-phrases

Created on-page textual content with focus key phrases. 

Set up blog and knowledge base with targeted key phrases and semantic phrases. 


Built links through direct link out reach, guest blog posts, image sharing sites, video sites and local listings.


After 4 months the website rose the 1st page for the targeted phrases. Increasing overall revenue by 70%. 

A few of the keyphrases:

american acrylic

american acrylic tubs

american acrylic shower base

sauna bathtub

steam planet walk in tubs

bathtubs for sale online

tubs online


Website was not ranking in first position for primary keyphrase: ‘the family international’



Created and executed link building campaign to promote website. 

Delivered links from humanitarian related websites, NRM’s and academics.

Managed social media campaign to bolster online reputation.

Directed the creation of media content such as youtube videos, and image sharing websites.


Fixed technical issues related to page load speed.

Updated internal linking of website

Result: Achieved and maintained 1st position for phrase: ‘the family international’.


Low visibility. Website was not on first page on Google for the musicians name. ‘Jeremy Spencer’



Reached out to record labels and received quality inbound links. Built additional inbound links from music related blogs, wiki pages and forums.


Updated content and optimised with internal links structure, linked out to authority sites.

Achieved first position for page position for phrases.

jeremy spencer

jeremy spencer musician

jeremy spencer blues