Two Facebook strategies for Chiropractors that work.

Marketing for chiropractors need not be hard! Here are two quick tips on how to promote your chiropractor practice on facebook:

Strategy number 1: Facebook live

In the digital marketing world there’s circulating advice to give your business a human side and facebook live lets you do just that! It lets you share videos to your social media followers in real time to get behind the scenes of your chiropractic business like a treatment session with the patient etc..

Some ideas include: hold the webinar and invite a top chiropractor maybe even do a short interview with him or her. You could tack on different topics to educate people about your field. Maybe let them know about the benefits of seeking pain relief alternatives. Try coming up with more chiropractic event ideas to liven things up! Doing this has a lot of benefits for your business as it establishes you as the approachable go-to chiropractor in the area while addressing fears that your potential leads might have of going to a chiropractor.

And the more people that know about you your personality and why you do what you do the better. Also, Facebook live is totally free now that’s what I call a win-win strategy strategy

2) Facebook groups

Facebook groups is not only good for generating leads it’s also great for networking and building your brand. The key to using Facebook groups is thinking about your audience and their relevant interest. If you’re a chiropractor your ideal audience must be interested in anything related to how you can serve them.

For example: look for back pain related groups You should join the groups and be helpful in showing your expertise specifically how to address their pain! Post on the group’s walls and answer a members questions. Once you’ve established yourself as a helpful member of the community you can also promote your social events in these groups but always make sure and check with the admin first. To get regular leads from Facebook groups you need to make sure that you have the right content and you need to be visible. But what do I mean by the right type of content? Every post that you share must add value to Facebook groups meaningful content includes educational or also inspirational stories, you can also share entertaining content!

My most favorite post is the social proof post where you post a progress related to your business maybe post a story of how you helped relieve the back pain of a patient. etc..

Follow these tips to get a steady stream of new clients to your practice each month! And as always if you have any questions reach out to us or comment below.

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