My Journey

I’ve worn many hats over the years: selling vacuum cleaners door to door, peddling Christian educational materials shop to shop, and busking at cafes while traveling through Switzerland, France, Italy, and Austria. I’ve led humanitarian aid distribution efforts in Bosnia, Romania, and other Eastern European countries, sold sunglasses from a mall cart, and worked every imaginable waiter job.

Social Media Marketing

By 2006, I noticed that large companies were struggling to adapt to the internet, as they often do with new technology. Sensing an opportunity, I jumped in to master this new way of commerce. I started with drop shipping Turkish area rugs, partnering with a vendor who folded them into UPS boxes to save on oversized shipping costs. That venture was short-lived, so I pivoted to building and launching my own website, filling it with thousands of home decor products—from office desks to Murano glass chandeliers.

Determined to succeed, I bought my first SEO book, "SEO 1 Hour a Day," and began implementing its strategies. I read that adding content to your homepage and linking to inner pages could bring "free traffic." SEO worked wonders for me, and I fell in love with it.

Over the next five years, I expanded my expertise to include more eCommerce ventures and reputation management, helping clients push down negative links on Google’s first page.

Fast forward to today, I have helped hundreds of businesses thrive online through SEO. 

Why am I sharing all this?

  1. To show that I’m willing to try just about anything to find the most effective, real-world solutions to problems.
  2. To highlight that I am proudly self-made, which means I don’t have the "pass the buck" mentality that sometimes thrives in corporate America.
  3. I have developed my own unique approach to SEO, focusing on real results rather than vanity metrics. This ensures that my strategies drive genuine growth and success for the businesses I work with. 


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